E2E Things2Know

This is your style tips and how to guide on everyday tricks and fixes to looking fabulous all day every day.

Style ‘tid bits’ you should know…

Here are some quick closet tips and fixes to save you time and money

1. Choose your clothes according to your body type: the item may look great on the mannequin but won’t flatter your body type. So get to know your body type and what styles will suit you best.

2. For a slimming look, try prints and asymmetric dresses as these help to hide those extra pounds. Go for a vertical and abstract patterns or prints and asymmetric patterns that have some shape.

3. It is often recommended that you shop for outfits instead of single pieces. If you are buying a single piece of item, do a mental walk through in your closet to see how it can be paired with any other existing items.  Invest in things you can wear in many ways.

4. Invest in a great belt, it is an accessory but it is great accent piece that cinches the waistline and give the illusion of longer leaner legs.

5. Add a bit of colour to your closet, anything can be the ‘new black’ – navy, white, turquoise, yellow , you name it. Similar to how black is a slimming colour, any single colour can give a slimmer and taller visual effect. It is how you accessorize!! So opt for fun colours and a bold statement necklace next time you go shopping.

6. Let’s get intimate…take a moment to go under the outfit. A basic fashion item that can kill your outfit is the underwear (bra and panties). Visible Panty Line (VPL) is not cute, I repeat NOT CUTE!! So, if you don’t want to look like a joke, DO invest in what you wear under your clothes. An ill-fitting bra or oversized pair of granny panties can ruin a polished look.

7. The Shoes: A woman must have at least 6 types of shoes in her closet: A pair of black pumps, a cute or comfortable flats, evening shoes/sandals, a sleek sneakers, a chic boots and finally, the all weather/everyday shoes. Choose carefully to compliment your clothing and style.

8. Invest in a structured jacket, a trouser with a wide waistband to hide a tummy and minimize wide hips by wearing jeans and trousers with wider leg openings. Create curves by pairing a ruffled shirt with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans.

9. Don’t look to the teenagers in your life for fashion tips. You don’t automatically look younger by emulating teens. Note, young girls’ fashions are not made for a grown woman’s body. So please shop your age and still maintain the Fab 🙂

10. Try one thing that you would never dream of wearing, just for the fun of it. You may be very surprised how well it fits you and suits you. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

11. Reminder: the best looks always seem effortless, not overdone!! Keep It Sexy, Keep It Cute and Keep It True to Your Style


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