Cute Ways to Wear Sneakers

I know it’s hard to ditch the stilettos for flats or anything lower than 7″ inches but if you are woman who runs around during the day, sometimes you just want to go for ease and comfort to take on the road test. Flats and slippers are a staple in a woman’s life but sneakers….hmmmn, not so much unless you are athletic or intend to workout 🙂 you probably don’t own a pair of have any intent to get a pair in the near future.

That’s the beauty of fashion, you never know when you will actually need an item and if you do get it where in heaven’s name you would wear it and if so when you wear it or how to wear it and with what [Oooooh, the complexities of getting dressed] 🙂  On that fashion note, every woman should own a pair of sneakers… whether for casual days or gym days.  As a closet to do, here are some cute ways to wear a pair of sneakers/trainers with your every day styles.

The Girly Girl Way— you can still maintain your “girly girl” edge by rocking your sneakers with a flare skirt paired with basic tee/blouse OR you can opt for a casual dress [short or long]. The way to do this is to go for a preppy sneakers in either slip-ons or laced-up sneakers. To add an extra humph! choose a sneaker with a cute detail such as glitter, pattern [floral, stripe, or geometric] or go for plain pop of colour sneaker [pink, green, yellow, etc] . You can also switch the standard white lace  for brighter or patterned ones in a white sneakers to add some colour and style.


Cute Ways to Wear Sneakers 1


Cute Ways to Wear Sneakers 3



 The Street (Tom Boy) Girl— most girls love to play dress up but we never leave out our jeans… that’s every girls’ staple for those “I don’t know what to wear days”. With jeans and sneakers, you can do cute by selecting any type of sneakers…. the challenge is what top you are pairing the jeans with. Let’s say you wanted to do a casual look: jeans and tees or jeans with a button down boyfriend shirt. You will more likely get away with tennis or running shoes or any other type of sneakers. However, say you wanted to go for chic yet casual look: you can to go with jeans and a blazer [inside shirt] and a nice pair of classic sneakers [in pic 2 below I’m suggesting gold]. Why Gold? it is a hint of chic, classy but says you are casual when you need to be. 


Cute Ways to Wear Sneakers 2

Cute Ways to Wear Sneakers 2 by ease2elegance featuring shirts & blouses

Cute Ways to Wear Sneakers 4


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